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Empowering With Perspective

As the Syndrome Model of addiction reveals the actual complexity of the etiology of addiction, the GATE Model provides a complementary graphic tool that illuminates this complexity to clients and support systems. The “perfect storm” of proximal and distal antecedents, converging to form the destructive force of addiction, is powerfully portrayed on the radar screen of the GATE Model. 

The utility of the GATE Model, as a brief, addiction-specific, subjective tool, lies in its applicability, across addictive agents and individual differences. Traditional concepts of addiction, with their “one size fits all” approach, have missed the diversity of experience that is observed in actual assessment and treatment. Capturing the unique perspectives of the individual and their support system, with the interactive flexibility of the GATE Model, empowers the professional’s ability to successfully implement the goals of person-centered planning.

The following resources are available to professionals and groups in clinical, educational, governmental, and other settings.

GATE Model


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The GATE Model Software is a Java-based program for Windows and Mac operating systems that allows users to easily create and compare GATE Models that can be shared with colleagues.

A free download of the GATE Model Software is available to anyone who takes an online or in person GATE Model course.

Please contact us for pricing on agency or institutional downloads.

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